Machine data. OT Data. IT Data.

The transition into Industry 4.0 is based on the convergence of OT and IT using modern technologies that are significantly easier to use and faster to deploy.

BEARTELL enables real-time integration between any data-source or system on the shop floor and the flexible Docker-based deployment makes it simple to start with one use case and grow from there.

BEARTELL allows for both horizontal integration between machines and vertical integration between layers in the OT/IT technology stack.

Flexible Any-to-Any Hub Architecture

Industry 4.0 doesn´t call for drastic replacement projects. New use cases can be enabled by complementing the existing architecture, one use case at the time. Complementing the hierarchical model with an Intelligent Any-to-Any Hub Architecture opens up for full flexibility and a smooth path towards increased digitalisation and value extraction.

A vertical Any-to-Any Hub Architecture allows for communication between any system in the automation stack, with logic in-between and it also allows for connecting automation systems with non-automation systems to create new automation functionality.

Add real-time Intelligence to your Integrations

The new generation integration platforms does much more than just move and map data between systems. The BEARTELL integration solution allows you to integrate any device or machine data and any data source with intelligent analytics, events, workflows and triggers. In real time.

Do you have your own code or ML models? Deploy them with ease.

Unite your OT and IT teams

Industry 4.0 use cases often require a hybrid of OT and IT skills. The BEARTELL platform is built to unite different teams and competences in one platform where everyone can collaborate.

The Node-RED is built as a low-code platform where typically the OT teams are responsible for the machine data collection and factory floor automation and the IT teams are responsible for the IT system connectivity and the IT infrastructure.

• Collaborate on one easy-to-use platform

• Develop with graphical building blocks connected with Drag-and-drop

• Limit dependencies on single individuals

The Evolution of the Message Bus or Enterprise Service Bus for Industry 4.0

The communication layer of yesterday has evolved and has now become intelligent. BEARTELL adds transformation and Intelligent Logic between the data end-points enabling a long list of Industry 4.0 use cases, including:

• Smart data collection

• Machine and process insights

• Machine to Machine automation

• Predictive Maintenance

• Vision Inspection