Run any ML framework

There are many great ML frameworks and solutions in the market and our strategy is to let you choose. The Node is designed to host different 3rd party frameworks and we currently support all Python based frameworks, such as:

• TensorFlow

• Scikit-learn

• Keras

• PyTorch

• H2o.ai

• Dl4j

• Mxnet

Bring, Manage and Deploy your own ML models

With BEARTELL AnyMLOps functionality.

All you need for the life-cycle of your ML models. A central Resource catalog in BEARTELL AnyMLOps is used to manage all your ML resources. You can upload trained ML models as well as Python scripts and then easily reference them when building flows. When you deploy these flows onto edge nodes the system will make sure that all resources needed are downloaded into the relevant edge nodes.

When a flow is updated, e.g. by referencing a new ML model, all edge nodes are automatically updated with a single operation. Node-RED versioning is used to keep track of your changes.

You bring the ML Model

BEARTELL brings the rest. A unique mix of Drag-and-drop and custom innovation.

Everything you need for collecting, cleaning, preparing and structuring the data before your ML model and all the logic and connectors you need after your model is provided by BEARTELL. The Node-RED enables you to build flows and data pipelines faster than ever with drag-and-drop and a rich library of pre-built modules.

We let you focus on the skills that makes you unique, we take care of the rest.